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What Surges

Through Us!

akronicity [ak-ruh-nis-i-tee) noun. the innate creativity, tenacity and intellectual prowess that has and will continue to surge through the men and women of Akron, Ohio: embrace your akronicity and make your new ideas reality | akronicity is a uniquely, one-of-a-kind spirit of innovation and determination that only the people of Akron, Ohio possess.


-PHARSES their akronicity is contagious | our success is powered by akronicity


-ORIGIN Settled in1825 – Akron from the Greek “an elevation” or “point” / icity (you’re wondering) is the sweat, tears, joy, steadfastness, grit, passion & smarts that are the foundation of the community we celebrate today and what will propel us into the future.

For nearly 200 years, Akron, Ohio has been the birthplace of ideas, systems, products and idioms that have had an

unmistakably-positive impact on the world and its citizens.

Strategically settled, Akron's geo-graphical location has been leveraged throughout its history - from waterways, road

systems and air transport.

Similarly, its idea-graphical locale has become a fertile landscape of inspiration and creation. Ideas have always flourished, bringing forth refinements and substantial advancements across every facet of our community's output.

This web site was designed to expand and enhance the stories found in the printed publication. It, too, weaves the common thread, we call "akronicity," to demonstrate its influence on our achievements across time.


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